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Featured Burke Playgrounds

Play brings people together and having a place to gather, develop and have fun makes communities healthier and happier. Browse this selection of some of our favorite Burke play environments in parks, at schools, as part of community centers and HOAs and be inspired to let play move you!


Immanuel Lutheran - Brookfield, Wisconsin

Play builds community and the playspace at Immanuel Lutheran is the work of a devoted community coming together through fundraising effort to bring the best in play for children of all ages and abilities. With dedicated play areas for children ages 6-23 months, 2-5 and 5-12, all children will have play experiences that help them grow, explore, learn and be challenged at developmentally appropriate levels. Climbing, sliding, imaginative play, music, spinning and more are built to offer play variety and help all children find the best of themselves through play. Using the school colors within the playspace cultivates pride and makes everyone feel part of the school community.

Pace Academy - Atlanta, Georgia

Pace Academy boasts magnificent buildings, an atmosphere of learning and exploration, and now, one of the most incredible play environments known to kids. Designed to complement the castle-like buildings, this playspace blends form and function to bring adventure, imagination and loads of play and development to the students at Pace Academy. The Nucleus® Evolution® towers beg to be explored with rope climbers and slides that beckon children to play. A “bridge” from the second level of the school building brought an architect’s plans to life and transports children directly to the top of the tower where they can choose their own decent – slide or climb – and dig into the rest of this incredible play environment.



Dom's Park - Papillion, Nebraska

Dom’s Park is nestled in the Chalco Hills Recreational Area near the vibrant city of Omaha, NE. Full of color, boasting a car and space theme and showcasing all of a special little boy’s favorite things, including a special space for his little sister, Boone, this park is a tribute to Dom’s life and a gift from his family to the community they love. Dom and his family spent many hours in this park playing, exploring and building friendships so it was natural to honor Dom’s life by offering a playful and fun experience for everyone to enjoy. Dom’s parents, family and friends raised funds and, in partnership with the Papio Natural Resources Department and Julie Kutilek of Creative Sites, Burke’s Nebraska Representative, helped bring this space to life. The park’s opening was emotional, hopeful and showed the power of community and play to bring people together. This is Play That Moves You® in so many ways.



Field of Dreams Park - Bossier City, Louisiana

A space designed by and for the community is the best kind of space. For the community means everyone in the community, no matter your ability, experiences or background. The space at Field of Dreams is universally-designed and brings everyone together with play variety, inclusivity and a feeling of togetherness that permeates the entire environment. Choosing the design and equipment for Field of Dreams was a group effort and called on everyone from special educators to people with differing abilities and their family members to provide their experiences and help shape this environment into the largest, most inclusive playscape in Louisiana.

Great designs are comprised of thoughtfully-designed products. Field of Dreams is full of play events that foster a holistic play experience and help everyone find the best of themselves through play. A fully ramped structure and unitary surfacing brings everyone into the heart of play and creates equity where children of all abilities can have the same experiences in their own unique way. Slides, climbing, swinging and sensory play all help children develop and gain skills that transcend the playground. This is truly a place for everyone to dream big and reach their milestones while having fun.




Menominee Park - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Winnebago, Oshkosh is Wisconsin’s Event City with thousands of visitors from around the world coming to stay and play in this city of 70,000. Creating a space for local children and families and a destination for visitors is important to the community and Menominee Park is the perfect setting for an incredible, adventurous and inclusive play environment. With everything from a zoo to sports facilities and walking trails to water sports surrounding the play space, people can come and spend the day outside and never run out of fun.